Paint Turquoise Gift Box $ 24.99 #8

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Gernas World offers a chosen collection of all Gernas painting supplies that your kids need such as Coloring Pencils, Notebooks, Coloring Balloons and Painting Books all included in one Box " Paint Turquoise Box $ 24.99"

By purchasing this gift box, You save 4.27 in addition to getting two free gifts

The gift box contains the following items:

Product Price

Notebook Normal Cover (7x10)


Coloring Pencils puzzle (13 units)


Coloring Train


Funny Animals (4PCS)


Notebook Hard Cover (10x10) 

نعومة وأصدقاء المزرعة - سلسلة المبدع الصغير 5.5
Total 29.25

And Gernas world offers you these products for free to come along with this gift box

Product Price

Wrist Band


Name Sticker



Note: some of these products might not have the same Gernas world characters on them as the corresponding pictures

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